Individual Papers


BLMM 2015 ( 21 )

  1.  Segetlija, Z. – Large retail chains, retail density and supply chains
  2.  Končar, J., Stanković, Lj., Leković, S. – Development of Retail Internationalization in Multichannel Environment
  3.  Knežević, B., Delić, M., Cegnar, M. – Benefits and Risks of RFID Technology in Retail from the Younger Consumers’ Point of View
  4.  Mešić, I. – Concentration of the Retail Trade
  5.  Turkalj, Ž., Mahaček, D. – Procurement Procedures in The Function of Improving Company Business Conduct
  6.  Lukinykh, V.F., Lukinykh, Y.V. – Algorithm for The Procurement and Inventory Management in The Distribution Supply Chain
  7.  Ham, M., Pap, A., Štimac, H. – Eco-Food Production and Market Perspectives In Croatia
  8.  Slabinac, M. – Innovative Solutions For A “Last-Mile” Delivery – A European Experience
  9.  Vučemilović, V. – Distribution Channels Of Major Construction Materials
  10.  Debelić, B., Grubišić, N., Milanović, S. – The Cost And Non-Cost Conditionality Of Transport Corridor Logistics Performances As Determinant Of Port Competitiveness
  11.  Trauzettel, V. – A Case Study On Optimizing Parts Supply In Manufacturing By Reusable Containers
  12.  Kolinski, A., Sliwczynski, B. – Evaluation Problem And Assessment Method Of Warehouse Process Efficiency
  13.  Ćorić, I., Vojvodić, K. – Variable Pay: A Case Study In Warehouse Logistics
  14.  Vilke, S., Baričević, H., Maglaić, L. – The Significance Of The Intermodal Transport Route Through The Port Of Rijeka For Sustainable Transport
  15.  Erceg, A. – International Food Standard And Food Safety Supply Chain Of Croatian Chocolate Producer – Implication For The Final Products Transportation
  16.  Hadas, L., Cyplik, P., Adamczak, M., Domanski, R. – Dimensions For Developing Supply Chain Integration Scenarios
  17.  Pupavac, D., Golubović, F. – Croatian Competitiveness Within European Logistics Space
  18.  Graf, H.C., Harald, K. – “smartBOX” – A Business Concept Towards The Physical Internet
  19.  Somuyiwa, A.O. – Policy Framework For Business Concepts And Models Of Urban/City Logistics Of A Developing Economy
  20.  Crnjac Milić, D., Hartmann Tolić, I., Martinović, M. – Development Of It Infrastructure To Optimize Logistics Operations In The Segment Of Cold Chain
  21.  Kukovič, D., Lerher, T., Jereb, B. – University/Industry Partnership Projects – By The Creative Way To Practical Knowledge: The Goals And Benefits Of The Logistics Project

BLMM 2014 ( 17 )

  1.  Trauzettel, V. – Optimal stocking of retail outlets: The case of weekly demand pattern
  2.  Segetlija, Z. – Space and technology – development and efficiency of retail trade
  3.  Plasch, M., Kellermayr-Scheucher, M., Lengauer, E. – Logistical challenges and potentials in multi-channel food retailing and distribution
  4.  Dujak, D., Ferenčić, M., Franjković, J. – Retail ready packaging – what’s in it for food manufacturers?
  5.  Mešić, I. – Internationalization of retailing
  6.  Pupavac, D., Baburić, M., Baković, I. – Logistic distribution centres – business success factor of trading companies
  7.  Slabinac, M. – Modern developments in distributive trade
  8.  Hausladen, I., Haas, A. – A joint maturity model of bi-driven supply chains
  9.  Aćimović, S., Kršić, D. – Changes of supply chain management in the information technology industry as function of sustainable development
  10.  Končar, J., Leković, S., Stanković, Lj. – Supply chain management in the conditions of global electronic market
  11.  Erceg, A. – Influence of authorized economic operators on supply chain security
  12.  Cholewa-Wójcik, A., Kawecka, A. – Packaging quality assurance in supply chain
  13.  Kukovič, D., Topolšek, D., Rosi, B., Jereb, B. – A comparative literature analysis of definitions for logistics: between general definition and definitions of subcategories
  14.  Rakovska, M. – Logistics aspects of firms’ capabilities to increase international competitiveness
  15.  Gorçun, F. – Efficiency analysis of cargo tram for city logistics compared to road freight transportation: a case study of Istanbul city
  16.  Nardin, R., Bajor, P., Fejes, C. – Applying new distribution channels in historical city cores in the Adriatic region
  17.  Świda, J. – Education of logistics at management and production engineering studies at cracow university of economics