Slabinac, M. – Modern developments in distributive trade

Slabinac, M. – Modern developments in distributive trade

Maša Slabinac
College of Applied Sciences Lavoslav Ružička in Vukovar
Županijska 50, 32 000 Vukovar, Croatia
Phone: +385 32 444 688; Fax: + 385 32 444 686

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Distributive trade represents a significant economic activity within national economy that links and mediates between production and consumption. Its importance is commonly indicated by its contribution to the national GDP and labour force employment. Institutionally, distributive trade is conducted by distributive trade enterprises that act as intermediaries and facilitators of exchange process between producers and consumers in a channel of distribution. By carrying out their specific channel functions, distributive trade enterprises contribute to the fulfilment of the main purpose of distribution channel as well as of value network as a whole – to efficiently satisfy consumers’ needs by adding value through provision of time, place, possession and form utility. In this way, distributive trade directly interferes and influences people’s standard of living and quality of life. The purpose of the paper is to present research results on developments in distributive trade in Croatia and to compare them with those of developed European market economies.

Key words: distributive trade, developments, channel of distribution

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