Somuyiwa, A.O. – Policy Framework For Business Concepts And Models Of Urban/City Logistics Of A Developing Economy

Somuyiwa, A.O. – Policy Framework For Business Concepts And Models Of Urban/City Logistics Of A Developing Economy

Adebambo Olayinka Somuyiwa
Associate Professor of Transport Management
Department of Transport Management
Faculty of Management Sciences
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
P.M.B. 4000
Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria
Phone: +23 48 033 570 837

Scientific paper


Urban logistics is indispensable to the economy as it moves not only the goods and passenger but also the concomitant effects of pollution, traffic congestion and noise are major issues of concern. These kinds of condition not only affect the quality of life in urban areas, but also the future city development. Sequel to these, the paper sought to analyse the effect of traffic congestion, noise pollution and other negative externalities on city/urban logistics. This is with a view to determining significantly effect of traffic congestion and other negative externalities on city/urban logistics through business performance. Data for this paper were both primary and secondary, that were collected from various respective agencies. Mostly the primary data were number of vehicles along designated routes; industrial areas, information on negative externalities (Noise, Odour, etc), which were analysed using parametric statistical techniques. Findings revealed that major routes were used by vehicles/motorists as a result of growth and diffusion pattern of industries of different types. Correlation results of these negative externalities indicated range of correlation values of between 0.3 to 0.74, Analysis further showed differential in ranking of industrial areas, based on certain factors identified and discussed, to serve as pointer to where attention should be focused in proposing business concepts/models for urban/city logistics. The paper recommended sustainable transport environment and city development in an holistic manner within the concepts of People, System and Organisation (PSO), with emphasis on internal consistency and complementarity with other policy areas in the economy and the environment.

Key words: Framework, Business, Models, City and Developing

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